RAFL BYLAWS and Standing Rules

1) Organization Name and Principle Location

2) Purpose of the Regional Atlantic Football League

3) Membership

4) Board of Directors and Support Staff

5) Duties of the Board of Directors and Support Staff

6) Meetings

7) Order of Business

8) Admission of New Teams

9) RAFL League Fee’s

10) Schedule

11) Forfeits

12) Conduct and Regulations of team unit

13) Game Procedures

14) RAFL Player/Coach conduct Policy


ARTICLE I – Organization Name and Principle Location:


Section 1 - The name of the organization shall be the Regional Atlantic Football League (RAFL). The RAFL is a not-for-profit Organization.
Section 2 - The Official RAFL Mailing Address is
Attn: Charles McGill,
17 Ave A,
Suite 109,
Newark, NJ, 07104
Section 3 - The names of the Division(s) shall be determined by the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting.



Section 1 - The purpose of the RAFL is to regulate and promote the highest possible level of amateur football among its members.
Section 2 - The RAFL is committed to promote and foster Players for opportunities in College, NFL, CFL Arena and Professional Indoor Leagues.


Section 1 - Any person, association, partnership, corporation or other entity of good repute, organized for the purpose of operating a Football Club shall be eligible for membership into the RAFL.
Section 2 - Each application for membership into the RAFL shall be made by filling out online form
Section 3 - All new teams will be placed on a one year probationary period. New teams, in their first year will be entitled to a senate vote on non-by-law issues.
Section 4 - The RAFL shall consist of all current member teams meeting admission requirements.
Section 5 – Official Team contacts are required to have a valid email address and working phone for use by all RAFL member teams, RAFL official league communications news and any other pertinent information

Section 6 - All member teams are required to have a team website with updated team information. If a member team has trouble creating a site a free site will be furnished by the RAFL with detailed instruction on how to maintain. If member team does not have the resources to maintain a site the league will furnish an independent contractor to create and update the site for a small fee to be paid by member team. The site should contain a team logo and a RAFL logo

Section 7- All member teams are required enter in stats using the online program at www.hostedstatistics.com. Detailed instructions will be emailed to every member team 5 weeks prior to the start of the RAFL season. If statistic information is not entered by a member team, the team will not have any all star nominee’s. All statistics should be backed up by video in the case of negligence by statisticians. If video is not attainable statistics will be reviewed by the V.P. of Operations, and all Commissioners and deputy commissioners for accuracy and integrity. Interviews of officials and coaches and players will take place and if inaccuracies are found statistics for member team will be thrown out.

Section 8 - Each member team in good standing shall be entitled to one senate (1) vote.
Section 9 - Each RAFL member team must be "in good standing" in order to maintain their membership in the RAFL. "Good standing" means said team has fulfilled its financial obligations to the RAFL, has not forfeited any games for the current season and has not committed any willful acts against the RAFL or its member teams, as determined by the Board of Directors.

Section 10 - A team shall be considered "not in good standing" if it has forfeited a game or if, in the judgment of the Board of Directors and Support Staff, it has acted in willful violation of the RAFL By - Laws and Standing Rules.

Section 11 – New teams will not be accepted into the league while having the same name as a current member team in good standing, Any member team can change their name as long as at it is different from existing member teams names.
Section 12 – Member team league dues are required to be paid at the RAFL annual meeting. Lack of payment will result in member team losing their right to a senate vote.

Section 13 - First year team one year absentee rule;
Any first year team accepted into the RAFL within the region of another existing team (35 miles rural, 5 miles in city locations) must abide by the one year absentee rule. The rule existing states that the entering team MAY NOT have any players on their roster from the team whose region they are entering from the prior year. The rule is in existence for the first year of the new team entering and becomes void after year one with standard roster rules applying thereafter.

ARTICLE IV - Board of Directors and Support Staff:

Section 1 - The RAFL Board of Directors and support staff shall consist of:
President, Vice President of Football Operations, North and South Commissioners, Head of Officials, Deputy Commissioners, Treasurer, Business, Webmaster, Director of Marketing, Sergeant of Arms, Director of Communications, North and South Team Representatives

Section 2 - The RAFL Officers shall hold office for a one (1) year term. An officer can be removed from office after his/her term is completed with a 2/3 majority vote, viable candidate or candidates and a successor named within a 30 day period. If a viable replacement is not found within this period officer will remain in office for another term or until such a time as a viable candidate is found and a majority 2/3 members vote him/her into office. The president shall upon is right appoint a new officer if a viable candidate is not voted on by the members in order to maintain the stability of the league. Any elections of new support staff must be done so with 85% of existing member teams in attendance at the annual meeting.

ARTICLE V - Duties of the RAFL Board of Directors and Support Staff:

President - Ambassador to the league, appointment of commissioners, appointment of Board Members, Emergency powers for decisions pertaining to league cohesiveness which include, hiring or firing of league staff members, scheduling or other issues deemed unstable by the board of directors.

Head of Football Operations - The Head of football Operations is the Chief Executive Officer of the League. Supervises all Football Operations, if deemed necessary can remove officials from the league staff and any team deemed to be causing harm to the RAFL. Reports to the President of the RAFL

North and South Commissioner - Responsible to enforce the day to day rules and regulations of the league members, and execute discipline on teams and players for not abiding by said rules and regulations as pertaining to league bylaws. The commissioner’s works in concert with the Deputy Commissioners and the VP of Op’s in all matters which require a judgments and rulings involving member teams. In the event that the Commissioner is unable to perform their duties, the President, VP of Op’s, Deputy Commissioners, Secretary, or Treasurer (as voted on by the Board of Directors) will assume the duties of the Commissioners, in their absence.

Head of Officials - The Head of Officials is responsible to oversee the operations of the RAFL Officials. He/She is responsible to schedule all Crews of Officials for all RAFL games. He/She is responsible to assure that his Officials are strictly adhering to and enforcing all NFL Rules and RAFL By-laws, during every RAFL game. He/She is required to ensure all RAFL Officials submit a resume of their Officiating experience and have completed the required hours of training, using NFL Rules. He/She is also responsible to report all infractions committed by a member team, coach, player or fan during a RAFL game to the RAFL Deputy Commissioners. Lastly his/her is also responsible to report any misconduct by a game Official to the RAFL Deputy Commissioner for review and Disciplinary Action, if required.

Secretary - The Secretary is responsible to keep accurate records of all RAFL meetings. He/She is responsible to notify all RAFL members of meetings, two weeks in advance. The Secretary is responsible to distribute all appropriate correspondence to RAFL members in person, by email or by US mail. They will also be responsible to circulate copies of previous meeting minutes, at each RAFL meeting.

Deputy Commissioners - Oversees team operating procedures such as uniforms, facilities, and game day requirements as it pertains to league bylaws. Recommends discipline to the commissioners and board of said violations.

Treasurer - The Treasurer is responsible maintain complete and accurate records of all RAFL Income and Expenditures. He/she is responsible for all RAFL Finances. The Treasurer is also responsible to present a complete Financial Report, at the RAFL annual.

Business - Maintain and Develop contacts and pricing with vendors Develops strategies to help market and promote league events
Communications/Webmaster - Maintains all facets of the league website including updating it in a timely manner. Required to interface with Hostedstatistics.com and Social Media. Releases any and all press releases for the RAFL

Director Of Marketing - Determines league marketing strategies. Presents marketing strategies to league board and members
North and South Team Representatives – Member team elected representative which is acts as a liaison between the RAFL board of directors and support staff. Helps mediate any issues or disputes between the support staff and teams when needed. Passes on any pertinent league information to member teams if absent at any league meeting or league communication.


Section 1 - Meetings shall be called by the RAFL President, VP of Op’s Commissioner or at the request of the majority 2/3 of the RAFL member teams
Section 2 - Meeting attendance shall be required by at least one (1) but no more than two (2) representatives from each Member Team.
Sections 3 – Sergeant of Arms will be responsible keeping control of all meetings, recognize members on the floor for proposals and select speakers in an orderly fashion for Q and A

Section 4 – The meeting schedule will be as follows;
Jan – New Applicants meeting, New business
Meeting for any new business, voting on new teams, set agenda for annual meeting, idea sharing
March – New Applicants, RAFL Annual meeting
Annual meeting for dues collection, by-law amendments, election or re-election of board member and staff, idea sharing. Voting on new teams
April/May – Pre-season Meeting
Last physical meeting prior to start of regular season, strategies, marketing, vendors, new business old business, idea sharing. Voting on New teams
July – Kick Off Conference Call
Go over all league contact and by-law questions prior to season
August - Mid-Season Conference Call
Outstanding issues of the regular season, discuss championship and all-star voting
October - Championship/All-Star Weekend closeout conference call
Close out of the RAFL season and outstanding issues, voting on existing new team applicants. Plan championship in game help and planning of All-Star game
December - End of year close out conference call
Outstanding issues, idea sharing, new business, old business


Section 1 - The presence of the majority of RAFL team representative shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for transactions of RAFL business. If a majority is not present the President of the RAFL reserves the right to make any decisions pertaining to league business, rules or new team applicants
Section 2 - All RAFL League Meetings will be conducted according to, “Roberts Rules of Order”. The Agenda will be strictly adhered to, and the Sergeant of Arms will recognize ONLY ONE PERSON at a time.



Section 1 - The admission of new teams will be determined by the Board of Directors and support staff.
Section 2 - It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors and support staff to:
A) Receive applications from new teams
B) Review, recommend or deny applications for membership into the RAFL.
C) New applicants meetings the RAFL requirements shall be invited to the New Applicants meeting. Existing teams can be invited to an earlier meeting at the All-Star/Championship weekend closeout meeting. Existing team applicants will only be voted in with 1/3 payment with the balance to be paid at the RAFL Annual meeting. New teams must have half the league dues by new applicant meeting and the balance at the RAFL annual meeting
D) Minimum qualifications for admission of a new team currently shall be evidence of Financial Stability, Operational Stability, Ability to be Competitive, Evidence of Ownership of the necessary Equipment, and Availability of Adequate Playing Facilities as defined in Conduct/Regulations) A team Not In Good Standing will be required to reapply for admission to the RAFL as a new applicant not currently in operation.
E) Teams will be voted in only during the meetings unless special circumstances arise where the league may need to fill a void or regional play could be affected. In these cases it is the league and the divisions which will have the voting right. In all cases any and all new teams shall be made known via phone call or voice mail message to every team in the RAFL.
F) The RAFL president reserves the right to allow groups of teams into the league for strategic reasons or if they feel the teams can benefit the league.



Section 1 - RAFL Non Refundable fee amounts will be determined by the Board of Directors, at their discretion, annually. All returning teams’ dues will be lowered after one successful year of operation within the RAFL. Teams returning after a hiatus from the league will be treated as a new team entering the RAFL
Section 2 - RAFL fees are payable prior to, but no later than the Annual Meeting (Cash, Bank Check or Money Order), unless otherwise determined by the Board of Directors. All League fees will be determined by League Operating Expenses and used for Basic League Operating Expenses. Teams will not be included on the RAFL Season Schedule if aforementioned fees are not paid, in full, by the Annual Meeting. New teams will not be accepted without full payment



Section 1 - The preparation of the schedule for Regular Season Games shall be the responsibility of the V.P. of operations and will be reviewed on by the Board of Directors
Section 2 - All games will be played as scheduled.
Section 3 - All RAFL Games must adhere to the following regulations:
A) If a visiting RAFL team is a no-show the Visiting team will be responsible for all Home Field Expenses of the home team or they can be subject to ejection from the league. The visiting team will receive a 42 – 0 forfeit loss which will be applied to the standings. If visiting team has a valid reason for no-show the visiting team must provide valid proof to the board and members of the league in order receive a hearing on the game.
B) If a visiting RAFL member team travels to a RAFL game, and the RAFL Home Team is
Not prepared for the game, the Home Team will be Responsible for all Travel Expenses incurred by the visiting Team. This would include invalid permit to host a game or game that is not properly scheduled with the facility.
C) Any changes regarding RAFL Pre-Season Games must be made Forty-Eight (48) hours before game time.
D) Away teams are not permitted to call the home teams’ facilities prior to any game. Any questions should be directed towards the host team or as a last resort the league commissioner or commissioner of officials.



Section 1 - Any visiting team who forfeits a game or any Home Team which is not prepared or who forfeits a game will be responsible for all expenses (Field Costs, Travel Expenses, and Official’s Fees) incurred. Said team will be put in “Not in Good Standing” status Forfeits of Regular Season Games will count as a 42 – 0 loss for the Forfeiting Team in the Standings and will impact their ranking and Playoff seeding.
A Forfeited Game is defined as:
A) One of the teams failed to show up;
B) The Home Team changed the game time, day or game location without giving proper notification to the Commissioner, Head of Officials and the Visiting Team, by 5pm on Tuesday, or in a emergency 48 hrs prior to the game prior to the scheduled game.
C) The game was called by the RAFL Head Official, assigned to the game. A full review of the reasons for the game being called off, will take place by the VP of Op, Commissioners and deputy commissioners will make a determination as to whether one or both teams will be assessed a Forfeit.
D) One of the teams used an ineligible player. An ineligible player is defined as a player who is not listed on the team's active roster or a player who is serving a game suspension.
E) The Home team does not provide an adequate and official playing field. Adequate is defined as regulation length and width, properly lighted, properly lined in accordance with NFL, H.S. or NCAA specifications. This includes proper Goal Posts and goal post padding. If both teams agree to play on a field that does not meet minimum requirements, as aforementioned, both teams lose all recourse for protests and accept the results of the game. The Head of officials has final say and the right to call games if he/she deems the field unplayable.
F) An emergency field change/game time change/rescheduling can be dictated by the office of the commissioner in the event that an unforeseen act of god (e.g. hurricane, Extreme Rain, floods, loss of field) or other tragedy (fires, etc.) renders the home field unplayable. In this case the home team will not receive a forfeit loss.
G) If a team does not show up to a scheduled game, the forfeiting team is liable for all costs associated with the game this means paying the host team the costs to use the field, any marketing costs (within reason) and any perishable goods that may have been purchased for the games. Also if there is a official fee involved the forfeiting team should reimburse the league and or the host team. This should also include if a visiting team arrives at the host site and can't supply the funds to pay officials.



Section 1 - Each of the RAFL Teams shall furnish the RAFL Commissioners with a full and complete listing of the Full Name, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of All Officers of said teams. This should be of sufficient quantities to provide one (1) for each team and one (1) copy for the RAFL Files. This information should be provided to the RAFL at the Annual Meeting and to be updated, as necessary.

Section 2 - Each of the RAFL TEAMS shall furnish to the RAFL VP of Op’s a team roster, identifying all participating players. All rosters are not to 60 Active Players and Ten (10) Inactive Players for a total of 70. The Roster will include the players full name, position and uniform number. This information shall be emailed to the RAFL VP of Ops by 5pm the Friday before the start of the regular season and each Friday thereafter. In addition each team must update their rosters on their individual member team Websites and Hosted Statistics roster page.

Section 3 - In order to add a player to the active 60 Man Roster, a team must either have less than 60 Players on the Active Roster or a Player on a full 60 man roster must be de-activated. Under No circumstances can a team have more than 60 Active Players on their Active Roster and/or dressed for a game, or risk the penalty of a forfeit loss.

Section 4 - New players may be added to any team roster anytime during the season, provided that the signing team has not reached their maximum of 60 Active, 10 Inactive (70 Total)Players. Players added to roster during the regular season should be added to the roster on the Friday prior to playing a game. Players coming from other teams must have a RAFL release form attached to RAFL contract submitted to the RAFL VP of Op’s office. In order to be eligible for playoff competition, a player shall have played in three of the first ten (10) weeks of the regular season. A player, who is injured and has not played in three of the first ten (10) weeks, will be reported to the RAFL Deputy Commissioner, who along with the Commissioner and VP of Op’s will determine eligibility for post season. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the Player to be ineligible for ALL POST
A. Roster cutoff is prior to playing the 8th regular season game. A player can be added up to but not after the 8th game

Section 5 - Each of the RAFL TEAMS shall email a completed RAFL Player Agreement for each player on its roster to the League VP of Op’s. The contracts shall be forwarded to the RAFL Deputy Commissioner 8pm the Friday before the start of the regular season. Any additional contracts should be emailed to the league Secretary during the season by each Friday thereafter.

Section 6 - Any player who has participated in practice or pre-season games with 2 or more teams within the RAFL must sign a RAFL player contract with one of the teams, no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of the season. If the league becomes aware that the player has not complied with this rule, the player faces suspension from the RAFL for the balance of the season. Teams will be held responsible for notification to players. However, if a Player has an Outstanding Financial, Equipment or Uniform obligation to his prior team, he must get a Written Release from that team. Any player added to a roster from another RAFL team, shall have a written Release. From the completion of the Fifth (2nd) Week to the end of the RAFL Season, Player Movement from member team to member team is NOT ALLOWED

Section 7 - After the RAFL has officially completed its season, All Players are declared Free Agents and are Permitted to change from one team to another (Except those member teams with special player agreements) Without A Release, provided that the Player has no Outstanding Financial Obligations to his previous team.. Each team is to provide the RAFL Deputy Commissioner with a list of outstanding Financial and Equipment/Uniform Obligations at the RAFL Annual Meeting.

Section 8 - Unsportsmanlike Conduct on the part of Any Team, Team Official or any Individual Player, shall be disciplined using rules from Article –

Section 9 - Uniforms
A) Teams are required to have two sets of jerseys, dark and light. Teams must conform in a time stated by league management.
B) Socks are to be team colors, black or white. Pants are to be NFL regulation, covering the knees, and no knots in jerseys
C) Visors may be worn as long as you can see the player’s eyes. If tinted a doctor’s note will need to be submitted to the league and head of officials. Teams should carry doctor’s notes from players which were approved by the league to each game
D) Basic NFL uniform rules with the exception of “team socks” apply. Home team gets to select home colors.
Section 10 - Legal game dates and change notification
A) All teams are to confirm game time and location by Wednesday morning 10am before game day , Long distance of 100 miles or more 9pm Monday before the game
B) Home Teams are to confirm the same with the Head of Officials in their region
C) Any RAFL legal day changes must be made known Monday before the game
D) Home teams must tell the away teams the uniform color they are wearing
E) Teams are to confirm game time and location by Monday before game day
F) All Home teams are to confirm date and times with the head of officials in their region
G) RAFL legal time changes must be made by Monday before the game (Except under weather related situations)

Section 11 - No Player shall be PAID for participation in any RAFL Games. Any member team found in Violation of this Rule shall be Subject To Immediate Suspension. Travel/Gas Money shall be considered paying the Player and shall not be allowed by the RAFL. RAFL Teams breaking this rule will automatically forfeit all games

Section 12 – These are the minimum requirements of a home field venue in the RAFL. Unless otherwise agreed upon by visiting the team these rules will apply and could result in a home team forfeit if not adhered to.
A) A lined field ready for play by kickoff, Goal Post Padding.
B) Changing area for the visiting team to dress (unless agreed on by the visitor) this may include a large bathroom, storage room, or tents set up by the home team. Teams that don’t follow this rule will be subject to a $150 fine paid to the visiting team prior to the game. If penalty is not paid prior to the contest the home team will receive a forfeit loss and may lose the right to host any games future games. When distance rule is applicable in lieu of fine home team can rent two rooms prior to the contest for the visiting team to use for showering after game. Keys and directions to motel/hotel must be given to the visiting team prior to kickoff. This should be agreed upon on the Monday before the contest.
C) If barrier does not exist between visiting sideline and fans an area 5 yards deep should be roped or coned off from the 30 to the 30 yard lines by the home team for both sidelines
D) A place to change, Locker rooms, Tent, Large Bathroom. Lockers and showers are mandatory when teams are traveling 175 miles or more and they are always mandatory in the playoffs no matter the distance teams are traveling
E) New or Almost NFL official footballs
F) A chain crew (3 persons of high school age or older)
G) A safe environment (fields in decent shape, security or local police on premises)
H) Field open and valid permit

Section 13 - Each Home Team will be responsible for providing Certified Medical Personnel at all RAFL games. Ambulances will be called if necessary by the Certified Medical Personnel via direct communication. The Certified Medical Personnel’s identification will be shown, upon request of the Visiting team. An effort will be made by the Home Team, as often as possible, to provide an ambulance at the game.

Section 14 - Each team will be issued adequate number of Sideline Passes by the RAFL, to be used at all regular and post Season RAFL games, which are to be worn by every team personnel (other than players) listed on their Official Team Roster. Passes must be visible to all game officials. No team personnel will be permitted on the playing field/sidelines without a RAFL Sideline Pass. The RAFL Prohibits Anyone Without a Field Pass On The Field. This will be enforced by all Officials, commissioners or deputy commissioners. No person(s) entering the game with a RAFL Pass or Sideline pass will be charged admission at the gate.

Section 15 - Legal game days and times are as follows;
Before Labor Day - Saturday’s 1pm-8pm kickoff Sunday’s 1pm-4pm kickoff.
After Labor Day - Saturday’s 6pm-8pm kickoff Sunday’s 1pm–4pm kickoff
(In an emergency and at the direction of the RAFL Commissioners, games may be played at other times or days.)
Section 16 - No RAFL Team shall play any Non-RAFL Teams that Owe any outstanding monies to the RAFL.

Section 17 - Each team will appoint a Team Statistician, who will gather all required statistics for all RAFL Regular Season, Playoff and Championship Games. Each team is to report the game Stats for its team onto the Hosted Statistics Website Wednesday following the game.

Section 18 - Any former owner of the RAFL which owes any type of money to the RAFL cannot own, coach or participate in any of other fashion with a member team in any capacity during the RAFL regular season, playoffs or any of the RAFL special events. The only way to avoid a problem with the league is if the person or persons to repay the league of all outstanding monies due to the RAFL. The league will keep a list of names with the league secretary of former owners with outstanding dept. to the RAFL which accessible to all member teams at any time and which will be emailed to all member teams prior to the start of the season. Teams found to have knowingly broken this rule will be penalized by being placed in bad standing and or forfeiture of games. They will be subject to review by the board members of the league

Section 19 - Any Former player that was banned or thrown out of the RAFL cannot own, coach or participate in any of other fashion with a member team in any capacity during the RAFL regular season, playoffs or any of the RAFL special events

Section 20 - Contract buy-outs should be in writing and the fee should not be more than their dues to their former team

Section 21 - Grievances against the commissioners, deputy commissioner’s judgment must be submitted with-in twenty four (24) hours, by telephone to the VP of Op’s for action. A written copy of the grievance must be filed with the commissioners within forty eight (48) hours from the time of the alleged infraction. In the event of an emergency situation the commissioners may act upon the grievance prior to the receipt of a written copy of said grievance. The commissioner may elect to conduct hearings in person, or by conference call which will include the VP of Op’s and Deputy Commissioner. The VP of Op’s, Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners decisions will be immediately released to the RAFL membership.



Section 1 - The RAFL Rules shall be the current NFL Rules with the exception of video replay and the new running back offensive spearing rule
Section 2 - Each game shall be worked by a crew of Officials, qualified and certified by a recognized association of Certified Football Officials. The crew of officials shall be paid in accordance with the determination of the RAFL Head of Officials. Every team must submit, to the League office the Officials Report, no later than Wednesday following the game.
A. Per amendment each game will require 5 game officials costing $100 each to be divided by each team
B. There will be a 6th official to be paid $60 to do either the operate the official game clock of the facility or sit next to the operator in order to work with the clock
C. During the playoffs there will be 6 officials at $100 each and a 7th will operate the clock and be paid by the league

Section 3 - The Home Team shall furnish the Chain Crews, Chains and Sideline Markers. The Visiting Team has the right to place one (1) member of its organization on the chain crew if it desires. The Visiting Team however, must notify the Home Team of such decision at least a day before the scheduled game time

Section 4 - The Home Team shall furnish Fifty 50 pounds of ice, access to running water or 25 gallons of water to the Visiting Team unless it is located on premises. Water and Ice or location of must be given to team at least 45 minutes before start of contest. If Teams that don’t follow this rule will be subject to a $25 fine paid to visiting team prior to the game. The visiting team will be allotted time to purchase water prior to the contest. October games home teams will be responsible 25 pounds of Ice and 25 Gallons of water unless Ice machine and Water is located on premises.

Section 5 - Only a NEW NFL official footballs are to be furnished by the home team (blems are permitted, composite/rubber or worn footballs are not). In addition both teams are required to provide one 1 extra ball in good condition which will be approved by the officials. The extra balls are in the case of weather related instances or if a ball becomes unusable or lost. There is no such thing as a kicking ball unless the official ball gets lost on a roof, busy street, woods or kicked a long distance which would prevent the game from going on in a normal fashion.

Section 6 - Half the field to warm up and practice at least 45 minutes before Kickoff.
Section 7 – Lockers, showers and lights are mandatory when teams are traveling 120 miles or more.

Section 8 – Playoffs
A) Locker rooms or a place a Tent are mandatory in the playoffs no matter the distance teams are traveling. If host team cannot not provide suitable venue during the playoffs they will forfeit their right to host game and the visiting team will gain the right to host. This rule is void only if both teams agree to play at venue.
B) Fields are required to have working scoreboards, benches for players & stands for fans
C) Seeding will be determined by record and travel distance where applicable (e.g. similar records, with a severe travel difference
D) Playoff date and times MUST BE assigned by the Monday before the game. If a team is unable to provide a suitable playoff facility, the opponent will be given the option to host the game within 24 (Tuesday) hour notice on the Monday prior to the contest

Section 9 - The Home Team will provide access to a changing area for the visiting team to dress (unless agreed on by the visitor) during the regular season, this may include a large bathroom, storage room, or tents set up by the home team. Teams that don’t follow this rule will be subject to a $150 fine paid to the visiting team prior to the game. When distance rule is applicable in lieu of fine home team can rent two rooms prior to the contest for the visiting team to use for showering after game. This should be agreed upon on the Monday before the contest and keys and directions to motel/hotel must be given to the visiting team prior to kickoff. Failure to pay this fine will result in a forfeit of the next game and possible expulsion of the offending team from the league.

Section 10 - The presence of a RAFL Official is Mandatory at all RAFL Post-Season Games.

Section 11 - All Officials' fees must be paid in full (cash only), by each team, prior to the start of the game.
Section 12 – All playoff games shall be played no matter what the circumstance no forfeit victories will be accepted

Section 13 - RAFL - Tie Breakers:
Best Overall Win/Loss Record
Head to Head
Divisional Record (when applicable)
Point Differential (Points scored minus points allowed)
Points allowed
Points scored
Coin toss


All teams owners and coaches will be responsible for help in the operation of the ALL STAR GAME. As well as helping with the CHANPIONSHIP GAME.
The winner of ATLANTIC BOWL VII will receive FREE dues payment for the following year
The runner up of ATLANTIC BOWL VII will pay only a half payment for the following year’s dues. The champion of the league will also receive a payout based on money left over from RAFL season any of the All Star and Championship game costs.



Section 1 - Any Player / Coach Ejected from a game for Fighting or Unsportsmanlike Conduct will sit out for the remainder of that game and all of the next game. Any player ejected for cursing will be suspended for the remainder of the game. The RAFL PLAYER / COACH CONDUCT POLICY will be Strictly Adhered to, whether the game is a Regular Season, Playoff, Championship or All-Star Game. If this Infraction occurs during the teams last game (whether it is regular or Post Season), the PLAYER / COACH will sit out the First Game of the Next Season regardless of the RAFL Organization they are affiliated with.

Section 2 - Any Player / Coach that has been ejected from any RAFL Game, must leave the Playing Field and/or the Entire Complex, depending on the Incident and is subject to Administrative Review
A) Throwing a punch/fighting (automatic minimum one (1) game). Second offense is punishable with a five (5) game suspension. A third offense is expulsion from the league
B) Destruction of property (minimum five (5) games) and could be subject to expulsion from the league
C) Suspension for Menacing (following officials or players into a parking lot, to a bus, or cars) is at the discretion of the commissioner. Most cases will come with a minimum five (5) game suspensions or expulsion from the league.
D) Misconduct and behavior on the field of play or sidelines (over bearing behavior towards officials or fans) may be punishable with a suspension of one (1) game for the first offense.
E) Any weapons or objects deemed as weapons could be punishable by possible expulsion from the league and the local law enforcement
F) Teams with excessive violations, especially pertaining to fighting, violent, and unsafe behavior are subject to expulsion by the commissioner
G) If any weapon is used to either threaten or used in an act of violence toward a player, coach, owner, referee, league official, fan by anyone involved with the organization will be subject to arrest and immediate expulsion from the league.
(All other discipline is subject to the review and judgment of the league commissioner. All disciplines may be appealed to the league board via written defense and emailed to the league Secretary)
Section 3 - Any Coaches or Team Personnel who leave the sidelines to participate in a Fight will be ejected from the Game and Subject to Administrative Review. Assistant Coaches and Players are expected to stay on the sidelines and Head Coaches may come onto the field to assist the game officials in stopping the fight and restoring order. Section 4 - Any Coach Ejected for Fighting twice in the same season, will be Suspended for the remainder of that season.
Section 5 - Any Player/Coach involved in the Distribution, Ingestion or Sale of a Controlled Substance shall be banned for Life, from any Affiliation with the RAFL.
Section 6 - Any Player/Coach found to have Wagered on the Outcome of any RAFL Game shall be Banned for Life, from any Affiliation with the RAFL.
Section 7 - Any Player/Coach involved in Point Shaving in any RAFL Games shall be Banned for Life, from any Affiliation with the RAFL.
Section 8 - Any team that is caught playing a Suspended Player, will automatically Forfeit the game , without debate, and take a loss on their record, which can impact their standing/ranking and playoff possibilities. The forfeiting team will also be responsible for ALL costs associated with the game, including: the full Officials' Fees.


Section 1 - These By-laws may be amended at the RAFL Annual Meeting, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the RAFL Membership that is present

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