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Predators defeat Gators for the RAFL Championship 17 – 8

Richland, NJ; The NY Predators and Philly Gators faced off at the beautiful St. Aug

ustine Prep complex in Richland, NJ for the RAFL Atlantic Bowl championship where the Predators came out on top 17 – 8. The game started slowly as both offenses trying to establish themselves in the early going let to a few early punts. The Predators took the early 3 – 0 lead after an excellent drive and runs by QB Kasey Nunez and RB’s Tim Kelson and Marlon Beckles.  K Geoffe Wolyliec connected with the 25 yard chip shot.

Later in the quarter the Predators but together a nice drive which ended up in a punt but a hands to the face call got the Preds the ball back and marched down field with Nunez connecting with WR Kareen Moon and runs by Nunez and RB Adeboy Akimba. Nunez eventually hooked up with WR Maurico Valmon for the 12 yard score giving the Preds a 10 – 0 lead.  Later in the half the Wolyliec attempted a 60 yard field goal which sailed to the left leaving the score 10 to – at the half.

The second half started with the Predators putting together a 12 play clock eating drive but fumbled the ball inside the Gator 20. Gators came out and ran a 55 yard toss to their left side but the Predators were able to stop any type of scoring and came back with a 10 play drive culminating in a 25 yard TD run by Akimba putting the Preds up by 17 points.

In the fourth the Gators put a good drive together but on fourth and 10 from the 12 under pressure the Gator QB launched a pass out of the end zone but were given new life when the Pred defensive backfield we called for pass interference.  The Gators eventually scored and added a two point conversion to make the score 17 – 8 midway through the 4th quarter.  The Preds put together one last long drive killing the time bringing it to the 2 minute warning leaving the Gators little time to work but time ran out and the Preds won the RAFL Championship.

Game Notes; Adeboy Akimba received Offensive MVP honors while Defensivley Mike Hurt received the MVP

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