Bengals Heartbreaking Loss To Soul......

The Bengals suffered a big lost on Saturday, September 7, 2013 to the New England Soul. The start of the game looked promising as the Bengals marched right field and scored on the opening drive with Edward Dover out jumping 2 defenders to make a spectacular catch to go up 7-0, the Soul answered on the pursuing drive but failed to convert the extra point. Then the Soul scored 41 unanswered points until late in the fourth quarter when Nuk Walls scored on a slant route as he ran to the pilon and dove for the touchdown.The defense caused a few turnovers but the Bengals did not capitalize on them, there were also a host of miscues that allowed the soul to score 47 points.The special teams played well with the exception of a punt by Rodney Paige that went straight up in the air and came down behind the line of scrimmage which put the defense with their backs against the wall.

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