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    City : Brooklyn

    The Brooklyn Bengals


    Brooklyn's Newest Premier Semi-Professional Football Team is looking for players of all positions for their 2011 football season . If skill conquers strength then do you have the football skills to wear Orange, Black, and White with the Brooklyn Bengals as they pursue and create history right before our eyes in 2011? Semi-Professional Football Team out of the Brooklyn area. East–Flatbush, Canarsie and Starrett City Brooklyn, will be the home area in which we will be defending in our inaugural season which begins June, 2011.








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    • a2012
    • b2011
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    Charles McGill 973-687-5424

    North Commish/Head of Football Operations

    Erik Tarrots - 646-302-1733

    South Commish

    Greg Hall - 443-985-6918

    League Business/Website

    Bill Simo - 917-627-9119