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    City : Queens

    The Queens Gladiators

    The Gladiators were established in 2003 by Coach Paul Copacasal from the Lynvet Raiders and Coach Felix Pagan of the Lynvet Intermediate team, together they created a Junior semi-pro team for older teens, ages ranging from sixteen to nineteen for the local kids and previous Lynvet players wanting to continue to play football.  The name Gladiators became our logo, and we chose that name due to all the hard training these men went through and the drive to be the best in the arena we call the football field.  They would always give their all from beginning to end.  The Gladiators are not just a football team, but a family a very strong family.

    Now in 2011 we have grown and became a bigger, stronger and closer family.  In the 2011 season we are not only becoming a semi-pro team, but we have a stronger purpose as a team and family, and that is to honor and dedicate this season to #9 Kuriakus, middle Linebaker, and Coach Eddie Hyde offense coordinator and assistant Head Coach of the Gladiators in 2005.  They have moved on, but we know they are on the sidelines in spirit helping and guiding us.

    The Gladiators motto is "Pain is Temporary but Pride is Forever"  We will endure the pain to acheive our goals, whatever it takes, hardwork, long days, physically or mentally.  The pain will go away, but the pride will always be there with you, knowing that you gave it your all and you persevered.  AAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH.  That is the pride of a GLADIATOR.

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    Charles McGill 973-687-5424

    North Commish/Head of Football Operations

    Erik Tarrots - 646-302-1733

    South Commish

    Greg Hall - 443-985-6918

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    Bill Simo - 917-627-9119