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    City : Delaware

    The Delaware Bison

    After the devastating loss in the 2010 RAFL South conference game, the Bisons board of directors took a look at the organization as a whole.  After  major deliberation the board  made a hard decision to change the coaching staff and set a new list of goals.


    1) Take one game at a time.

    2) Win the division for the 3rd year in a row.

    3) Win the conference.

    4) Win the Championship Game.

    5) After completing goal #2, goal #6 will be revealed.

    Our new coaching staff  and all players agree with this new approach.

    The Bisons' look forward to the upcoming season.

    Bison:  is a shaggy, horned, large head bovine mammal that is the largest terrestrial mammal in North America. The bison inhabited Great Plains of the United States and Canada, in massive herds. Some of the herd migrated to Delaware, and years later...formed the Delaware Bison.

    The Bison joined the Regional American Football League (RAFL) and the mission of the team is to provide the state of Delaware with a great minor league football team, community service throughout the New Castle, Delaware area, and the Ultimate Goal...Stampeeding through the RAFL and winning the 2011 RAFL Championship

    Here come the Bison!

    2009 and 2010 RAFL Central Division Champions.



    Home Field

    Eden Park

    Championship History

    • a2012
    • b2011
    • c2010
    • d2009
    • e2008
    • f2007

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    Charles McGill 973-687-5424

    North Commish/Head of Football Operations

    Erik Tarrots - 646-302-1733

    South Commish

    Greg Hall - 443-985-6918

    League Business/Website

    Bill Simo - 917-627-9119